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  1. JavaScript is Dying

    JavaScript is no longer the hot thing
  2. Weekly Newsletter

    Unbundling, startup essentials, BRD, DogVacay, and 99dresses
  3. Weekly Newsletter

    A collection of interesting things I've found over the week
  4. Hacking an Android App API

    Short guide to monitoring traffic, decompiling, inspecting, and recompiling APKs
  5. Is Startup Transparency Essential?

    Thoughts on how startup transparency, or the lack thereof contribute to individual employee satisfaction
  6. The Purpose Driven Millennial

    Pondering and offering explanations on what makes a millennial tick
  7. The Missing Piece on The Information Superhighway

    How the internet can improve to truly become the information superhighway
  8. Optimizing Static Websites on S3

    A guide on how to approach optimizing a static website
  9. UX is a Competitive Advantage

    The role of UX and how it contributes to creating a successful business
  10. On Skill Specialization and Personal Growth

    Why learning many fields can improve overall personal growth
  11. Voronoi Noise and Erlang, Nif, and Port performance comparison

    Performance characteristics of different implementations of Voronoi noise using Erlang for the purpose of terrain generation
  12. Defensive and Fail-Fast Programming the Right Way

    Differences and similarities between defensive and fail-fast programming and how they contribute to an overall error handling strategy
  13. Cocos2d-x HTTPS and your own certificate authority

    How to create your own self-signed certificate to implement HTTP between your web server and Cocos2d-x running on a mobile device
  14. Setup Riak and Erlang Client on Mac OS X

    Concise instructions on setting up Riak and the problems you may encounter
  15. Game Design and The Ideal World

    A short essay on theory of why people play games and how it relates to game design